Bethany Rehabilitation & Health Care Center Resident, Nancy Bakanas

Resident Spotlight: Nancy Bakanas

A great way to learn more about our community is to hear our residents’ opinions about us. They know best! Ask Nancy Bakanas. Friends describe her as happy and caring. She has lived in our DeKalb, Illinois community about two and a half years.

Cream of the Crop

Quality short-term rehabilitation and long-term skilled nursing care are just part of why seniors choose our center. Nancy said friends had told her Bethany was the “cream of the crop.”

“I had a back operation and I was unable to use my legs,” Nancy said. “My daughter checked the other senior living communities in DeKalb, and we quickly decided Bethany was the best. I needed 24-hour care and could not go back home to Genoa, Illinois. I am so glad we chose Bethany. After talking with many people since then, we discovered it was the cream of the crop. I can definitely vouch for that. It’s the best place to live!”

Best Parts About Our Lifestyle

From delicious meals and fun-loving activities to new friendships and inspiring events, our community has something to suit every taste. Nancy said she has made wonderful friendships here, which strengthen her appreciation of our community. “I made a friend here two years ago and it was the most wonderful day,” Nancy said. She spent most of her time with that friend until her friend recovered and went home. They remain “the best of buds,” Nancy said, and her friend still calls every day, sends her books and visited a lot when she was able.

Bethany Has “Been A Godsend to Me.”

Nancy loves all the social events, entertainment and daily activities. “We have entertainment like singers, piano players, guitarists and sing-alongs. I also love the birthday parties,” she said. “Bethany has been a godsend to me.”

Nancy lived in Kirkland, Illinois where she also graduated from high school. She has two brothers and one sister. Nancy went to Lutheran Bible Institute and then settled in Genoa, Illinois. “I worked for 15 years at Northern Illinois University in the bursar’s office and then got married to my sailor man, Victor, in California and lived there for eight years. Next I ran a daycare in my home before retiring after my husband passed away,” she said. She then lived with her daughter, son-in-law and her grandson. “I have a very loving family and they visit often,” Nancy said.

Favorite Hobbies

Nancy stays busy with multiple hobbies and pastimes. “I started reading a lot more the last few months, “she said. “My favorite things to do are the activities we have here like board games. I love the domino game called ‘Mexican Train’ and I like bingo,” she said. “Even though I am not an artist at all, I like the artwork on canvas class we have. It’s fun.” She also appreciates our movie night every week in the dining room with popcorn.

Her proudest achievement is being a Christian and having time to share God’s love with others. She said she likes offering a smile, saying “hi” or doing anything else that might bring joy to someone’s life.

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